Friday, 25 March 2011

Le Tondu Surprise: French Win Again!

Our on the spot reporter got the news first hand from the combatants. He caught up with Davout queueing for wine and cigarettes for the post battle cafe philosophy discussion....Gitianes or Gauloises and the root of dialectic materialism.

Oui, I, Davout held zee Russian left flanking attack long enough to engage zee centre (oui, zee centre not zee 'middle' zee 'orrible eengleesh word) an' I just cuffed the Russian artillery wiz ma cavalry.....What do you mean 'run out of Gauloises' uh? Zen I'll 'ave 20 Gitaines....So what we never got ze redoubt! I just told zem we already gat one!

Next our reporter tracked down Buxhowden in the 5 star 'Ye Olde Pratzen Heights Dacha and Grill' (Karaoke night Thursdays 7pm to midnight) about 3 miles from Moscow.

Battle!..what battle? Here where's the corkscrew? (hic) anyway I said...stan' still, an' I'll tell ya....(hic) but no, why waste it (hic) 'coz that serf is standin' at an angle... aren't we? (hic) I really loved that ' was my (hic bestest mate in all the (hic) world....true story by the way.

So there you have it. Eye witness accounts of the action at Austerlitz.

And now for the pictures.
 Fog and mist today's Austerlitz duo
 A combination of sand and mat
 Cavalry ride out of the mist
 Caisson hits tree. Insurance details exchanged.
 French hit road..the long climb.
 Buxhowdens 'carry out' ambushed
 ...but cavalry retrieve situation
 Redoubts forward defence

 Dice to rear make Russians nervous
Nervous? No sir, that was the horse.
 The General contemplates
 Russian Guard
 Waiting for the off.
 Column of attack...vive l' emperor
 Battle heats up

 Russians swing out...
 ...and to the right
 Threatening the hinge between the forces on the hill....
...and in the valley. But it fails when the French cavalry catch the guns in transit. Anyway we were all hungry by then and Buxhowden had the munchies.

I was going to post a picture of the participants but the laws of common decency apply to this blog....maybe next time.

Thanks chaps...great game, great day.

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