Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Oh, what fun we had.

Le Tondu provided us with a good fun game. The biggest confusion of the day was caused by the fact that four out of eight players answered to the name 'Bill'.

It was a good job that Bill, the author of the rules, was there to interpret the nuances.

Only being responsible for the terrain, as I thought, I had to think up the objective on the hoof. I chose the bridge and live to regret it.

Fortunately for the French they turned up with an army composed entirely of elite and guard units. For those who know any Bill know the score. The Anglo-Russo-Brunswick troops did well but died in droves. Someone of supreme incompetence made the most basic of errors (me) and France won the day....now there's a phrase you don't hear often.
The day was marred by the fact that Bill had a break in during the week and the thieves made off with 3,000+ figures. Obviously, anyone being offered hooky gear or recognising Bill's classic stuff on the www should contact the Strathclyde Police so that, hopefully, Bill will get his kit back and the villains will get time at Her Majesty's pleasure in the Bar-L. The clowns tipped the collection into bags so figure condition may make you suspicious. So, 28's, 25's, 15's ancient to Napoleonic keep your eyes and ears peeled for the well being of our hobby and friends.

And back to Allied disaster or to French victory, whichever takes your fancy.

The field was strung out over 18ft of table with the main road on the left and the bridge on the right. France opened the batting and we were off....enjoy.

 'Many hands make light work' is not just the motto of the Chinese Electrical Union.
 The gap where the rest of the Russians were due to come on.
 95th break through French front and get into the gun line.
 French Allied cavalry trying to restore the situation.
 New Italeri French do stirling work.

 One squadron of Polish Lancers destroy a Regt. of KGL Hussars
 Polish column advance on Russian line screened by voltigeurs.


 Cuirassiers fall on light dragoons.
 HLI shake out into skirmish formation supported by Highlanders and Russian artillery.
 Invisible gunners serve French superguns (and no, I'm not bitter)
 Enfiladed French Allied column.
 Impervious French Cuirassiers drive all before them (no, I'm still not bitter) and get to the edge of the bridge.
 Despite Allied victory on the right the French carry the day on their right.

Despite everything a good day was had by all

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