Friday, 11 February 2011

Le Tondu: All quiet on the eastern far.

 Super punch up planned for this Sunday afternoon (DV). Some of the Glasgow Phoenix Club are coming down to the seaside for a visit.

Sleepy countryside, farms, rolling hills and not a soldier in sight. (View from hill top over farm)

 In the village word has got round and there's no one to be seen

 Even in the fields and on the hills the locals have fled. The pink heather patches denote the tops of the hills that dead ground and high points can more easily be identified.
 They want to watch the whole thing on TV...Here come some Brits (Airfix)

Are we nearly there yet?

 But 18 ft away the French and there Allies arrive (Revell cav, Italeri inf left and Hat inf right)

'Sound the runawayski'
Russian Guard Cossack patrol (Zvezda) surprised to see hunnards of cavalry. Spare underwear in saddle bags.

The tip of the French iceberg (Hat, Zvezda, Italeri, Minifig, the occassional Warrior and the odd Hinton Hunt.
Forever indebted to Roy B. who painted these Nassau's before our humungous Waterloo game of 1995.

The Russian recce arrives 13 battalions strong...yup, just the recce troop.

Martian joins Allied army

Anglo Russian Army arrive...typical, the loo is blocked and they've run out of pies already.

I always do zis, I get all dolled up and then we go walking around in zee mud.

Old guard appear, best dressed spectators in the business, must be getting on for kick off.

Roll up, roll up, come and see why it's better to be a coward!

Battle report to follow.

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