Friday, 28 January 2011


I must say I do like to paint.

While we've been testing out new (to me) rule sets for the Napoleonic period I have been busy. The many old Airfix figs I still had unpainted and stacked in shoe boxes at least deserved to be finished before buying some of the newer figures by Italeri and Zvezda.

I think they still look ok en mass and are easy enough to paint. I think they will match in ok with what I plan next, not more Airfix but some of those rather smart Italeri 6066 French Inf. They are bigger figs but, from above which is the aspect wargamers see their armies, they have decent size hats. This is not the case with the 6002 French Inf. from the same firm. Another tempting, similarly sized, fig belongs to the Hat Industrie 8095 French Inf 1808 - 1812. There is a really useful comparative size facility on the excellent and highly recommended Plastic Soldier Review site.

 I have taken the average Battalion to be 36 figures and set at painting with a will...although a brush is easier. Storage is via box files which hold 7 x inf bn's, about 4 x cav regiments (24 - 32 figs) or several batteries of artillery depending on the number of limbers and cassions per. far, 6 bns inf, 10 cav figs (just learning the process) and 7 artillery pieces with four crew each so far...

Vive le Airfix! en avance mon 'Umbrol!

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