Friday, 23 April 2010

Cut the Rollbahn...we're trying to sleep.

Here we
Cut the Rollbahn...operation does what it says on the tin really. Thanks to Colin we can play even when big table is sunning itself outside remembering what it was like when it was just a tree. We use the 'metric inch' 20mm which helps the ground scale so we can fight 6x4 like it was 8x6...come on, keep up. We're using good old Rapid Fire 1, nice to infantry and inf support, nasty to tanks and artillery...definitely a more infantrocentric rules set....hey, I just invented a
Here they come..enzi
Heil der boss....forget that we're off...meister
Hurrah! for tankograd...ov
still Russian towards the enemy...inskiya
Wonder if we could ask comrade chairperson of the Zavod Imeni Stalina works to make the odd truck?..keep pullinski
more, more, MORE! week...tease eh?