Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Le Tondu Familiarisation Continued

So....moving slowly along then, Napoleon's favourite adage is adhered to by the Old trousers. J'attack! Le roast boeufs watch them come on in the same old way and.......
 British movement column wheels behind 9pdr gun battery to support the occupation of the built up area at right of centre.
 Left wing cavalry clash Light KGL and Union Brigade squadrons against lancers

18th Hussars charge to the guns...only to replenish the French gunners supply of horse meat burgers.
Mon Generale! did you see how far zee busby went? And it still 'ad zee 'ead in eet!

Note to charging guns.

 French cavalry press their attacks relentlessly...
Blimey! that 'ead eet eez steel rolling.

Oui, oui, I 'eared you play charge zee last time.

 Gallant French attempt to hold the flank with their cavalry whilst using mass columns to force the issue in the centre and left of centre.
 Two columns made up of three battalions each, supported by artillery, advance past the farm
I get a horse that thinks it's a botanist

Surprise! Come and get it.

 usual cavalry repellent

tally ho!
More soon...

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  1. Great post, and great pictures.

    It's good to see all those plastic figures, I cut my wargaming teeth on Airfix Napoleonics, and still have a great fondness for them after all these years.

    And those French Carabiniers are amazing!