Wednesday, 13 October 2010

While we're waiting.....

Frankly, while we're waiting to fight a new game, I thought I'd run through some previous game shots to show that big games aren't always line up and bang, bang. Sometimes it's a 'find your best position' kind of game. Here are a couple of oldies....
No street lighting in the desert

"Easy on the recoil Hans. My boss wants his truck back tomorrow"

"Left a bit..."

"I should have gone the last time we halted.."

"I spy with my little eye...."

"Very funny, two icecreams please.....push off."

Bridge over troubled water?

"Cut that out. I don't care what he called you driver..we're not bulldozing the red cap"

"And I'm tellin' ya it's this way"

"Niet comrade, horses are not like cats, they love me, I'm a Cossack."

"Hah! Just follow the tank, he says, I know where I'm going, he says."

"Yeah, yeah, I here ya...hurry up and wait"

...and so it goes.