Wednesday, 17 March 2010

In the meantime...

Game room totally gutted. Table de-sanded, pulled apart and wrapped in tarps in the back garden. walls floors and all fixtures and fittings pulled out. Dust and debris everywhere, wires hang from socket covers that dangle in mid air. A damp and cold atmosphere of hard to breathe heavy sodden still air pervades the gloom. Heaps of plasterboard, broken chipboard and splintered skirting create an erie and sullen landscape in a now unfamiliar and cavernous interior....woe and thrice woe....casm of despair.....

28mm Wild West anti junkmail campaign

28mm Russo-Finnish game from Shefield Triples once upon a year.

Stuart's convoy game..excellent homemade rule set, terrific fun.
Anyhooo never mind, it'll be grand when it is all back together! In the meantime here are some piccies.

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