Sunday, 19 July 2009


The second battle in our Crimea Campaign ends with an Axis victory. Thankfully it has been very costly to the Axis and we strongly recommend that they bleed even more freely in the next action. The conclusion of the battle looked like this... Romanians do the work...the Germans just sit back and watch the casualties mount. The cavalry finaly get into the trenchworks but at high cost.
German armour breaks through by sheer weight of numbers.....while the Russians suffer from the Luftwaffe policy of using gravity. Enfilading fire from the antitank guns towed onto the hill by the cavalry wreaks havoc.
Troopers from the cavalry also winkle out trenchline.

Hits aplenty...time to call it a day. Keeping what is left a coherent force for the next show rises in the list of priorities.
Red eye veiw...
Charge to the empty trenchline...thats how it should be.
Birds eye view... The Axis has its hill, town and victory. Three Russian Infantry Battalions, one a/t company, two companies of tanks, one battery 152mm How and a rocket battery make a dent in the enemy....
Actual results next week.

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Russians troops hope there is a 'PLAN B'

Time to tell the commisar what you really think of him and uncle joe.
Germans goose stepping in mine field. Intense fire keeps them from being re targeted.
NCP parking becoming popular.
Russian tanks shake out into attack formation but fail command role and hesitate...
Good news keeps Romanians alert.
Wait for it...wait for it...
Cavalry finally arrive in force, soaking up the fire and ignoring their own casualties.
Breakthrough into the Russian positions really shakes things up.
Tanks watch fire work display whilest awaiting orders to advance.
Germans keep up the fire from the woods...
...keeping the Russians heads down while the infantry is pinned down in the mine field.
OP gets into position
Taxi rank await fares. If all goes well they do a pick up the other side of town, if not there will be a long wait and a high bill.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Luftwaffe finds ground...and how

Luftwaffe connects with primary role...
Multiple hits...then an artillery stonk for pudding. Rumanian's move up en mass. Finally got round to some appropriate cas. figs.

Russian a/t taken out by massed Panzer pelting match.

Little Kate arrives to chasten the enemy... Good news handed out all round.
Infantry try and hold out even after gun go by by. Exchange of dinks.

You've just got to love Katyusha.... Enemy at the gates, well the front door, windows, brickwork...
Russians hold on out numbered with Russian casualties in the it all seems really close to crisis point. Surrounded on three sides do you make they enemy pay dearly or extricate yourself to fight again? This peninsular ain't getting any longer you know.