Thursday, 17 September 2009

Living next door to Alisovski

Stuka stonk paves the way forward for the Grenadiers(1)

And very effective it proves to be...well co-ordinated and in close proximity of the German forward elements. This is when things could have gone horribly wrong but the targeting was bang on. (2) Here come the Romanians after their long trek up country(3)
Germans move through beaten zone.(4)
....between the Russian armour and the town, presumably to avoid contact with the edge of the wooded area...let sleeping dogs lay. (5)
Fire from the town....(7)
Russian infantry enfilade the hanomags and force an exchange of small arms fire. (8)
Russian artillery replies in kind to wreak havoc amongst the assaulting infantry. (9&10)

Russians Huzzah! Two Russian infantry battalions charge from the edge of town. It's a mess. Chaotic fighting ensues as Ivan closes with Fritz. All is fire (cotton wool) and blood (paint) oh! it's more than flesh (plastic) can stand! (11,12,13,14&15)

But in the end, after 50% casualties the Reds are back in the town....will they sallie forth again?... we'll see same time, same place, next week.

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  1. Outstanding photos, looks like it was an exciting game! Love the large flame/smoke markers! Thanks for sharing!