Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Living next door to Alisovski

Russians wait.....(1)
FIRE! 152's come down on motorised you smell burning?(2)

Pioneers continue to clear mines behind smoke but under fire(3) Little Kate misses juicy target, deviation beginning to work in the Germans favour the closer they get to a Russian blue on blue.(4)
Smoke clears...oops.(5)
Our turn!(6)
Crossfire from German direct fire rocks the Russian armour back on its haunches(7)
Dink, dink, one escapes...(8)
not one, the whole Russian line is battered and suppressed (9)
Infantry start to deploy for close assault, oddly they are less vulnerable in the open than in their APC's.(10)
Crisis point for Russians as seen from German side(11)
About to charge...(12)
Close support deploys(13)
Germans race across the now desperately exposed ground (14)
It looks less than optimistic for the Russians now(15)
Message form Comrade General:
" Tavarish and tavarishi (hello boys and girls) today we have the opportunity to smash the enemy! (we're boned) the fight will be hard (we're royally boned) but we will be victorious (I'll be alright jack). Show them what you are made of (plastic) and what we Russians can do (die in droves). Long live the revolution! (Siberia here I come!) Long live comrade Stalin! (I feel a 9mm headache coming on)" week German vocab for beginners.

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