Thursday, 3 September 2009

Ice Cold in Alisovski

The fear of the Russian commanders could be smelled as the size of the German advance became clearer. Some smoke lifted and the rest drifted a little to reveal a company of Panzer IV F1's backed by a column of kit stretching back into the smoke. (1)
The assault forces follow up... German left hook begins to develop(2)
Jittery Russian commanders order transport to RV ready to hand. On the road (just visible in this pic) the Germans spot the movement and 105's are called in causing hits, and suppression's. (3/4) came the 150's....(5)
..and made a hideous mess...just who do these Germans think is going to clean all this up then?(6)
Now the Reds know how this Bn felt.(7)
Welcoming committee awaits...(8)
Support still blinded by smoke...critical moment for German advance(11/12)
engineers work frantically during smoke barrage(12)
Germans now break cover for left flanking assault...a bold move, but will it pay off?...tune in same time, same place next week!


  1. like the way you have modelled the shell burst markers how did you get them to stay in position?

  2. Expolsions start life as washers. The more washers you put on the base the heavier it is, of course, but the bigger the bang can be. I put them on a round base then put a till roll centre (you know, the plastic middle bit) glued on next. Cover the lot with painters caulk and put a plume of teddy bear stuffing on the top. Spray the bottom half with an earth colour and chuck sand at it while it's still wet. Spray the top half with grey or some defuse smokey colour and bingo. One takes forever but a whole stack, of say a dozen, takes no longer than doing one..if you see what I mean.

  3. Right thats it i have informed the wife that i need some NOW!!!(She rolls her eyes) now the search begins for till rolls. Cheers for the info:)