Thursday, 27 August 2009

A Town Like Alisovski...Part Two

Part Two...a town like any other mix of home made and odd Airfix railway kiosks anywhere in the Crimea occupied by the Red Army...(pic 1)
Missed...TWICE. Decide to open the breach and punch 222 driver instead. Message still fails to be sent...underwear situation now critical. (pic 2)
Too late the hero. At least he flushed out the armour forcing the ambush hand to be played prematurely.(pic 3)
T34 firng line established on road. (pic 4)
Where did that lot come from?(pic 5)
Luftwaffe dicovers gravity(pic 6)
Katyushas get serious with German infantry advance. Two units gone and one with suppression and hits. Wide coverage combined with considerable deviation causes rocket artillery to be used as far out from friendly defences as possible. Blue on blue slightly less critical to Russian Commanders.(pic7)
German smoke drifts forward allowing German engineers to debus and begin mine clearance...though still under fire.(pic 8)
Engineers clear lanes for support and HQ units to pass. (pic 9)
Grenadiers edge towards cover of Hanomag during Russian stonk. (pic 10)

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