Thursday, 27 August 2009

A Town Called Alisovski

The third punch-up in the series of battles based on the action in the Crimean Kirsch, Kirsh, Kirch or Kerch Peninsula. Forces matched and played off using the Blitzkreig Commander (BKC) WWII rules system. The conflict nears the final battles as a persuit of the Glorious Russian Red Army of the people of the Soviet Socialist Republics is taken up by the despotic Hitlerite Nazi led fascistic forces of the reactionary Wehrmact....and some Romanians too. It looks quiet, too quiet....Recce units of 222's and m/c combinations are given the order to advance (Boss stays put, ta very much)
Ah ha, Russian trucks, send message...
OOPS! RUSSIAN TANKS...send clean underwear...message fails.
Oopski, this doesn't look like a lend-lease vehicle but I'd better check the manual.
Second 222 just unable to see why his mate is crying (just visible in piccy above T34 barrel). Funken (radio) failure a clever mechanism of the rules have to live to send messages.
Trucks fan out behind town and await orders. German HQ unaware of their presence.
Panzer III's advance, left hook through pre-planned smoke.
Followed by Panzer Grenadiers in 250/1's...
Panzer Grenadier Engineers to deal with mine fields...
...and lorried grenadiers follow up.

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