Monday, 31 August 2009

Intermission: Players Notes

It occurs to one, as the blog may be seen by those who don't know me, or us the group, or war games in this scale/period, that you might be interested in the 'what is that?' aspect of the pictures.
  • I wargame on the cheap where ever possible (Ha! no kidding Sherlock)
  • I only do one period in one scale so that I can afford to do big games if I want to (or teddy is ejected from pram)
  • I buy job lots of kits/figs and only at bargain prices (Scots wa'hae)
  • I've always had a lot of Airfix, Matchbox, Revell, Italeri, Esci stuff and have much more to build and paint
  • I have been delighted by the easy or quick build stuff from Hat and Italeri
  • Ready made resin stuff is great but I have very little of the expensive (but fantastic) stuff from the Cromwell Combat Ready range (can you hear violins playing?)
  • I buy loads of Frontline stuff from Under the Bed whenever they are at a local show or by post.
  • The vast majority of my figures are plastic. A ratio of approximately 200 to 1
  • Any of the lads can suggest a game and bring the appropriate gear/rules
  • Wargaming on sand is the best for 20th C wargaming, especially, or for any period in which a special feature or type of terrain is required (we love sand pies)
  • The table we use it 24 feet in total length, by five, for the first six feet, then opens to six feet for the next twelve feet, and finally nine feet wide for six feet to the end. This creates a kind of wonky 'L' shape so that we can get to the whole table surface.
  • If I'd had a bigger room, yes I'd have had a bigger table.
  • We use Blitzkrieg Commander, Rapid Fire, some homespun stuff, Spearhead, Crossfire or any kind of system someone brings along to try, depending on scale and period. (but we argue the toss over ANY rule system 'till the cows come home...hey, we're wargamers)
  • I don't doctor pictures (because I don't know how) the game you see is the game we play. I just take snaps as we go along and post them. If I could put tracing rounds and explosions on the picture it would be good but what's the point if you can't see it all during the game? (but if we could do it a la Michael Bentine's Potty Time we'd never leave)
  • We like to have the right kit for the right thing...but you've seen what we'll put up with, right? Anyway, as it becomes available, it goes on table. (must be as near completion as possible, well, not still in the plastic bag)
Ask any Q's you wish regarding any aspect of what's on the blog (no, really, it's OK...go ahead and ask) Positive or constructive feedback is fine and suggestions/tips are welcome too.

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