Friday, 26 June 2009

Close encounters...

Luftwaffe still can't find ground. Fire is brought to bear on the head of the Russian tank column (with my nice new suppression markers of white dusty impacts and my yellow 'dink' hit markers).
The smoke lifts to show the OP stranger danger approaching.
Mortar team suppressed by close up small arms fire (again, pretty round splash)
A breach in the wire and a quick assault by dismounted cavalry causes hits (pretty yellow dinks) but results in troop destruction. Whole now covered by fire...cavalry call up the reserves.
Covering fire takes out AA defense...
Russians leave bodies (macabre casualty far I've only done Russian and German so, all Romanians become German at the point of death)
Close up of Russian dink and suppression.
..and just so we're not biased...

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