Thursday, 11 June 2009

Axis gets serious; Smoking is bad for ones health

German recce having been successful the armour arrives to lay out the picnic. It finds a PAK front (oh! isn't imitation the sincerest form of flattery?) covering the mine fields and decides to swap greetings. Engineers valiantly donate blood without making too big a dent on the crop.

"Oi, indicate!"

Meanwhile back at the ranch...Romanians make a beach landing a little way behind their forward burger joint and march up the cobbled road. Smoke all over the shop makes things somewhat murky but the Russians still have one more surprise before pulling their slit trenches in after them and leaving out white stones. T34's roll toward the town.
The original smoke on the water...?
Quick, before the park and ride is full
Next week...Stuka's get 500kg bombs into officers vodka glass...Infantry swaps good news on the grassy knoll...Gymkhana arrives to deliver cutlery and much, much more...

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