Tuesday, 26 May 2009

New picnic site found for Red Army and laid out for German guest

Having put 8% of the Huns total force to sleep in the first encounter Uncle Joe is having a Bar-B-Q at the seaside as a 'get worse soon' party. Heavily out numbered and with the enemy expected to come by sea the Russians wait with baited.....hook. Theirs is a surprise ingredient, horse meat cooked over a simmering, sausage meat filled Panzer III and mine is a round flattish object with a detonator in the centre mmmmm...delicious. About 30% of the Russian force is available for this shindig so there's a lot riding on the outcome. The other 70% of the Russian force is trying to use up all the vodka supplies before the Germans get to the city of Kerch itself...chin chin.
(Pictured: German tourists being shown to their holiday villa in the Crimea by armed tour guide)

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