Monday, 25 May 2009

BKC goes to Russia or Crimea river (I cried a river over U..SSR)

Started a campaign using Blitzkrieg Commander rules system. It is the Kirsch Peninsular in the Eastern Crimea (otherwise known as a sand table in a shed in the UK) and the Germans are trying to force the Russian Army off the Island completely...and they're rubbish at it! Now that the hubris spot is out of the way, the Germans were really unlucky. The Russians were fighting on home ground, dug in like a Scot standing on a fiver in a high wind and ready to risk everything on desperate charges. The close quarter fighting was in as close country as they could find at the edge of a town at a natural choke point. The German forces were divided between a heavily reinforced Panzer grenadier Regiment. One Bn in 251's and supported by a coy of Stug's and the other on shank's pony all backed up by a PzIII coy and some FH18 105's. Assisting in their efforts were the cream of the Romanian Army. Non motorized mountain troops of two to three Bn's replete with heavy infantry and anti-tank weapons. The Germans opened with derisory recce (that is the real name for what children and cinema goers now call recon) and found as much as they put the effort into finding including how thin the armour of an SDKFZ 222 is. This was followed by a premature blind advance exposing the Germans to counter attack with the Rumanian's too far away to be of assistance. Yet they were not too far away to be visited by a family of 152mm shells on an away day. The good news was spread across the open ground as the Romanian's won first prize in the 'find the minefield' competition and the Germans limped in a close second. Bunkers, mines and wire greatly aided the Russian defense and proved more than adequate against plastic painted flesh, and when backed up with a few cammed out anti-tank guns, against plastic painted metal as well. The Russian tank coy saw close action as did one Bn of Russian infantry backed up by a coy of a/t guns the other Bn had a great view of a burning 222. In conclusion, the Russians won't be so lucky next time. Once bitten twice shy as they say and the Luftwaffe is back from its hols. Recce will play a greater role as will concentrations of units and coordination across the board..or table. I cant remember the number of points involved but suffice it to say the Axis have a fair number less now than they started with. Rule system was very easily grasped. You cannot do everything that you might wish and you have to be lucky with dice. It is a quick, fun game but not a simulation. The planning can be slick on both sides but without the all important lucky dice you can sit back and watch your army sliced wafer thin and fried on both sides and there is he-haw you can do exept blow into your hanky loudly. Piccies may follow of the next round. Russians fall back to new position involving a creek and a paddle.

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