Thursday, 19 March 2009

Up the creek (Part Twelve) The final episode.

It's going to be a close run thing. Pathans still inflicting losses on the barges.
Zulu's over the wall and nothing left to stop them.

The survivors need to fall back to save the landing stages.
Zulu's reek havoc on mine workings. As the 'big battalions' of Zulus arrive a hasty line is formed between the buildings to protect the civilians and the wounded waiting patiently by the dock.
Impetuous, the Zulu regiment follows up even at less than half strength to get the glory before the mass of the Impi can cross the mud wall killing the British wounded as they pass.
Now, did we bring any salt?
Poodle steamer makes way for the incoming GFL steamer. Germans, having missed their chance, paddle off upstream to invade French territory. This seams to them like a good idea and wonder if they could use this 'out flanking the French' tactic again.
Lone survivor of his unit, morale broken, runs down the pier and jumps for the boat deck...but misses (4,5 or 6 he would have made it!)
The farmers put themselves behind Zulu lines to assist the Brits in counter attack or to retire at high speed if it all goes belly up. Others fail morale and run to the left of the biuldings.
Having completed the paperwork and noting that the NO SMOKING signs have been switched off, the relief force finally docks. It comes down to the turn of a card for initiative, red or black?
Never have the Brits be so glad of a duce.
All ashore whose going ashore.
Oh, forget this for a game of soldiers effendi!
The Zulu Army also melts away leaving only their wounded on the field. Final butcher bill; Garrison of 100 reduced to 19 plus 11 wounded, relief force lost 30 from 110. Pathans lost about 50 from 140 (including Ruga Ruga friends) and Zulus lost 38o killed and wounded from 480...three natives eaten by lions and two Pathans eaten by crocodiles. 6 horses were killed and two bolted. No giraffes were harmed during the playing of this game.

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  1. Good show, good show. No need to injure the giraffes. ;-)

    Thanks for AAR. Looking forward to the next one. Perhaps a strafing biplane, or a Patton led convoy of jalopy mounted US Infantry?