Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Up the creek (Part Nine)

The happy wanderings of the relief force are punctuated with rifle fire.

Congratulations on purchasing the Mk 1 Naval cannon....

First lesson for make-shift crew a success.

A hit, only a couple of wounded left aboard the stricken vessel...the straw hats smoke HMS Pinafore replies.....Cannon for sale, hardly used,slightly blood, spattered, no time wasters please... The farmers mount up to see off the Zulus from the flank
...and the lions have had enough stalking and go off in a huff. Zulus don't like cavalry... especially sharp sticks versus rifles because, even if you don't get your... head blown off, you can't reach the man on a horse easily
Pathan's break through the Sikhs at the beach
and are in the compound (tut,tut)
the French see the Pathan's hacking at the wounded and are caught in the classic French dilemma 'shoot the natives or shoot the British?'
..ok..shoot the Pathans (this time)

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