Friday, 13 March 2009

Up the creek (Part Eleven)

Concentration on the corner of the weakened mission defenders.
Pathans driven out but the Zulus are in!
The remaining troops react in good order. The timing is critical as the field of interlocking fire is formed. The Farmers make their presence felt on the Zulu flank.
The wall is crumbling.
What a relief. Boom, boom.
Poodle steamer backs up to make way for the column.
Yet another wave appears and throws its warriors at the perceived success.
The Germans clear the scrub, assemble their flatpack assault boats from Ikea and prepare to push off...
Some of the Indians have failed their morale phase twice and so head for the pier in the hope of a lift.
The big battalions arrive; to paraphrase WLSC (PM) now to crush the enemy with " merely the proper application of overwhelming force." over Huns.

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