Friday, 20 February 2009

Up the creek (Part Six)

The dhow is fast against the steamer but the intrepid Gurkha's leap aboard for a kukri class
and very wisely the Pathans decide to swim for it They thrash about in the water desperately reaching for the bank. The Gurkha's having re-boarded the steamer and cut away the dhow
Infuriated Pathans on the hill rake the lead boat, and the straw hat appreciation society (Jenny Agutter Section) take another casualty or so but they are quite soon out of range
Meanwhile, the 'swimming team' attract attention of the long nosed, long tailed, short legged, leather backed terrier
otherwise know as.. the crocodile
The Ruga Ruga are having a wonderful time but the German boat isn't The tribesmen just can't seem to get enough quiet to find out just who they are shooting at...a bonus might be out of the question If it stays afloat there may be no-one left to pay it anyway
The relief force steams ahead it may yet be academic


  1. Did the crocidile pass his pre-melee morale, allowing him to close? :-)

  2. Unfortunately, while we obey the rules the animals only respond to the call of the, in this case lightly baisted Pathan wrapped and soaked in muslin (apple in mouth optional). It's a mystery to me why the lions haven't had away a horse and/or rider yet, it may be all the noise, but watch this space.