Saturday, 21 February 2009

Up the creek (Part Seven)

Hurrah and hussah! These piccies open up. At last I have overcome the mysteries of the expanding photo thingy...and so to continue our story The bravest of the brave Havildar hacks his way through the enemy to evacuate the beleaguered OP/Sigs post. His actions make a gap enough to take the surviving Indian Sepoy's through toward the Mission Station.
They move quickly, taking their wounded comrades with them
Meanwhile, the returning patrol moves into the line just in time for the next wave of attacks
Speaking of which, even more natives emerge from the tree line
The farmer auxiliaries move into close order
Heedless of the noise the pride smells the tantalising flesh of horse and man
and attempt an enfilading fire to take the pressure from the defenders
Oblivious to the danger behind the farmers concentrate their fire on the flank of the natives

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