Thursday, 5 February 2009

Up the creek (Part Four)

A volley of shots from the German bank rakes the deck and the officer gets an extra nostril in his forehead. Mr Maxim replies and harvests the interest.Dead ahead (no seriously) a Dhow off the port bow. The enemy has put into the river to make lousy poetry or to stop the relief force mid stream.
While the officer, with the last of his strength, points to where he would like to be buried (O.C's being able to issue orders without brains) the i/c gun shouts "with a belt of fifty rounds, at the target in front, in your own time, carry on!"
Dhow crew hurls insults, being sans rifles, during its 3 knot assault.
Back at the mission the brouhaha intensifies. Soon ammunition will be a problem.


  1. Wonderful stuff!! Makes miss my miniature group back in Cincinnati.

    Can't wait to find out if the waterborne reinforcements make it in time.

    What's up with the Krauts?

    Did they bring the Pathans? or are the P's there on thier own?

  2. We are hopfully on to the next game session Wed. Rolling the dice for the relief force I'm out of the loop and the German player keeps his cards close to his chest. The Dhow was a bit of a suprise but, unless the Grey Funnel Line is unlucky, I hope that because it has been thrown in at this juncture it will be more of a speed bump than a real pain. Still, watch this space mate it could still be good for a laugh.