Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Up the creek (Part Five)

The Mission OP steadies his glass. The hill OP is, alas, shortly to be, no thinks.

Enemy to the front, sigs crew wounded or dead (red markers) Pathans with swords...
and to the rearward tribesmen with rifles
in a rush to the summit The Pathans artillery support, bought in at great expense courtesy of the Ruga Ruga slave traders, is getting excited..and sidetracked. Foreigners in a steam canoe..?too tempting
Bang Bulls eye
Pathans too get into the act, even though way out of range. Still a noisy party is a noisy party! Spy craft suffers damage and casualties
Meanwhile, the lead British craft swerves by the Dhow while continuing to rake the beach
adding to the tally (red crosses) The Dhow wins first prize in the 'bite off more than you can chew' competition.. and decides to take on the main force point blank
Back at the Mission the patrol returns via the beach to take up the right flank reinforcing position The irregulars throw out a skirmish line to the left The lions smell French cuisine. Cheval Au natural avec ploughman's lunch served with real ploughmen Even the ladies and gentlemen of the Mission station reinforce the centre (lady in pith helmet champion huntin' shootin' fishin' deb 1888. Chap to extreme right, not only politically, related to Berkshire branch of famous Tory family, not to be confused with the Buckingham shire lot- hence the family motto "Never Bucks Pure Berks" Squaddies definitely dropping the enemy but being worn down But what are the Germans up to? It was a long march for a paddle.

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