Friday, 13 February 2009

Intermission: Austerlitz in 15mm Napoleon at his best?

Bonaparte scans the ground
His men strain at the leash
Cavalry sit about getting cold
The ground is moulded from sand and kept together by a fine spray of watered down wood glue and left to dry. Then liberal amounts of talc was scattered and the heating turned off. The marshy, frozen lakes on the Russian left flank...looks cold?
The opposite flank French cavalry on the plain taunt the Russian cavalry
French right flank Russian advance
French centre advance over the frozen river towards the 'un-scaleable' heights
Russian Left makes progress Right flank Russian cavalry attacks onward and upward
French right flank counter attack Surprise! French right flank counter attack succeeds
Russian stalemate on the plain Russian Generals begin to sober up... game's up. All that is left is to hope the ground opens up and swallows us all....oops. Game played on the 200th anniversary of the battle. Thanks to contributors, players and organisers particularly Paul, Mark, Colin, Willy and all the rest. Thanks lads!

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  1. Very well done! What rules did you use?