Friday, 23 January 2009

Up the creek...a users (excuse) guide to the campaign

I should have done this first. Better late than never...except when ducking. The East Africa Campaign is a game played by the group that meets at my home. We, or I, take pictures of the game as we play it (kind of like a war photographer) hence the unhidden stands, fuzzy hands crossing the veld, odd characters lurking about in the background and the general unprofessional photography. The object is to have fun, recreate as well as we can without too much rivet counting and to play BIG games. We are using 'Sword and Flame' rules which have been somewhat tweaked (from the French 'je tweeque' meaning 'to mess with until unrecognisable') to fit the circumstances. The figures are from the collections of the participants, 28mm in this case and anyone can join in providing that they have passed all relevant examinations, are certificated, verified and contain no toxic chemicals or preservatives. We meet once a week on a day with a 'y' in it. We would welcome any kind of feedback on our efforts + or - , advice, suggestions or just heavy breathing. The background to the action is one of European shenanigans. The direction of travel of the relief force give orientation. To the left, German administered territory, to the right, independent bandit country as far as the signals OP. Beyond this point to the right is native land on which the British have negotiated the right (act of Martini Henry .455) to put a mission station for the good of the local population. And then sunk a diamond mine. The Germans have sponsored a revolt of the natives with the intention of driving out the Brits and helping themselves. The bandits have an agenda of their own and don't get on too well with their native neighbours. Well may we think that the Brits have been undone but the relief force may prove to be more than rescuers.

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