Thursday, 22 January 2009

Up the creek (Part Two)

The native army appears at the edge of the jungle
Their numbers grow... 'STAND TO'...'STAND TO' The dock looks a long way away to the few defenders
Unknown to them though, help is already gathering to launch a rescue... The boats are being made ready for the journey. Information having been received down river from an 'unidentified source' causes the British concern for our mission station. Better to be prepared for....anything. Paddle steamer with punch.
It's twenty four feet long way to the garrison Can there be even more of them? Could it all be too late? An Indian Army patrol takes up defensive positions in the signallers stockade The human wave attacks have begun. There seems no end to the ranks of these warriors The sigs party is isolated If help is would be good. Yeah...right now would be just fine! 'Independent, fire at will' oh...thanks very much!
The 'Grey Funnel Line' gets moving. Bootnecks in the lead, as per usuall followed by the Army... Transported by the RN. Will it be enough? Are they already too late?

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