Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Antiocus: a kebab master class

The end...This year the Christmas game was fought...backwards!

The authorities turn up to collect the fines from boy chariot racers

Many get the point all at once.
Protect the crisps, protect the crisps!

Look, they have a giant snail on their side.

General: 'I'm right behind you lads'.

Here then are the photos of the invasion of India by Antiochus The Great. The Seleucid's v the Bactrian Greeks in 202 BC...or there abouts, I'm no expert.
Things seem to have got out of order but, if you were there, you can imagine it the right way around.


Keep the brolly up...I'm getting a tan here.

Landslide interupts game

The Christmas game this year was a bloody affair but a good time was had by all. Participants should feel free to add to the minimalist commentary on the game. While successor armies slugged it out at two degrees below zero, the usual very warm hospitality of our host kept us jovially comfortable even in the heat of the hard fought conflict. My thanks to you all.

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